Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

Air conditioning systems keep us comfortable during the summer, but they do more than just cool the air in our house, they also remove humidity.  Today’s higher efficiency AC systems can favor cooling capacity and efficiency over dehumidification, so it is important to make sure a new system is properly specified and installed to ensure your comfort throughout the cooling season.  Whether you are considering air conditioning installation to an older house or need help with repairing or replacing an existing air conditioning system, W.F. Smith’s air conditioning repair experts can help.

Just have a room or two that needs cooling?  A ductless air conditioner may be just right for you.  These “mini-split” systems can use a single outdoor unit to cool one or several interior spaces – perfect for providing cooling to the enclosed porch, sunroom, basement, or even the bedroom over the garage that never seems to be the same temperature as the rest of the house.  These systems can also be a great way to add air conditioning to a home with hot water heat since there are no ducts required.   As a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer, W.F. Smith in Philadelphia can design and install the perfect solution for your home and how you use it.

W.F. Smith HVAC testimonial

Overall a very pleasant experience, from sales to the actual installation. All the people we came into contact with were pleasant and seemed to really be interested in doing a good job.


Can you put in a larger system since my second floor is too hot?

Unfortunately, over-sizing a system will cause shorter run times that tend to make this problem worse, while also leading to inefficient operation and less humidity removal.  Our air conditioning experts can help you evaluate your options to improve your comfort throughout the house.   We have the experience to recommend the right solutions based on a thorough analysis of your home and ductwork systems.

Can you really add AC to my older house with radiators?

While it may be difficult to add a fully ducted, “central” air conditioning system to an old house, especially ones without an attic, there are some great options out there for virtually every home.  Let our air conditioning installation experts in Philadelphia design a solution to meet your needs and budget.