Air Conditioner Maintenance in Philadelphia, PA.

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Air conditioning systems are designed to last for a decade or more, but to ensure that your air conditioner works for as long as possible–and as efficiently as possible–it is vital that you have regular maintenance performed on your cooling system. Over time, dust, dirt, and debris can build up, parts can wear out, and lubrication can dry up–causing your system to work harder while accomplishing less. This not only increases your energy bills, but decreases the comfort in your home. Why pay more to get less?

With regular AC maintenance from W.F. Smith, you don’t have to. Scheduling yearly maintenance service for your air conditioner will help it to run smoothly throughout the warmer months, allowing you peace of mind on even the hottest of days.

Our multi-point inspection will help identify problem areas so that they can be taken care of pro-actively, preventing you from dealing with untimely and potentially costly breakdowns later on.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance in Philadelphia

There are many positives to having air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia completed at least once a year. Here are some advantages to keeping your system well maintained;

  • Maintaining your air conditioner can extend its life beyond the average 10 year lifespan.
  • A well maintained air conditioner will run more consistently and efficiently, reducing energy consumption.
  • When your system is maintained by a professional you can make sure that smaller issues are identified before they turn into major issues.
  • Having your system maintained regularly keeps the air conditioner clean, this assists in keeping the air that enters your home cleaner.
  • Maintenance performed by a professional will help keep the warranty on your system intact. Most warranties are voided if you perform work yourself.
  • Safety is important when it comes to cooling and heating systems, when you have air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia performed a full safety inspection will be completed.

Whether you choose to keep a consistent year round maintenance schedule, or you have maintenance done once a year, the benefits of air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia can save you money in the long term.

Why Choose W.F. Smith?

As one of the best air conditioning maintenance companies in Philadelphia, W.F. Smith has been helping homeowners keep their homes comfortable since 1946. All of our HVAC specialists and staff work hard to provide the highest quality customer service, we understand how important it is for you to trust our staff, especially when they are working at your home. Our reliable company that provides air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia will help you keep your cooling system efficient, reducing costs and improving air quality.

Since opening our doors in 1946 we have built our business on our quality workmanship and fair prices, we believe that this is why our business continues to grow. Whether you are in need of repairs, maintenance, or a new installation, W.F. Smith employees have the right knowledge and skill base to get the job completed.

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Great service, very happy. This is our second Lennox unit from them.

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