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There’s more to heating and cooling your home than just what your household AC and furnace can supply. No matter how hard these appliances work, sometimes, they simply don’t have enough power to sufficiently control the climate in your farther-reaching rooms. As a result, loved ones or guests could find themselves uncomfortable during the more extreme seasons. Fortunately, with a ductless mini split system, you can extend your home’s interior temperature to every corner.

State-of-the-Art Ductless Air Conditioners

True to its name, a ductless air conditioner requires absolutely no ductwork. These types of systems are a perfect option for homeowners who are living in a new home, as well as those living in houses with no existing ductwork, individuals adding an in-law suite or other addition, or converting an indoor space. Regardless of your space and the distinct cooling or heating challenges it presents, a ductless heating and cooling system can be an ideal way to extend comfort throughout your entire home.

At W.F. Smith Heating & Cooling, we feature a range of ductless air conditioners — all from top-rated industry names — for homeowners in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding regions. This sophisticated technology allows you to program different “zones” in your home, all with varying temperatures to help you dial in comfort in the rooms where you need it the most. Let’s take a look at precisely what a ductless AC system is and how it can benefit your home.

What Is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

When you invest in ductless mini split service installation, also known as a mini split air conditioner system, you’re investing in comfort. These systems typically include an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, both working together and connected with tubing and electrical wiring. Most times, the indoor unit is mounted on a wall and works to provide cold (or warm) air right into the space. This is known as a “single zone” system because it cools or heats one specific area.

Ductless air conditioners can also be used as “multi-zone” systems, meaning that one outdoor unit can be combined with several indoor units to provide comfort for an entire home, not just a single room. The best part? Ductless air conditioning system installations only require a small hole in the wall for the tubing and electrical wires, meaning they are some of the industry’s most versatile and easiest systems to install.

Ductless Air Conditioner FAQs

What Are the Benefits of Ductless AC?

While you’ve probably heard of ductless systems and perhaps even seen them installed high on walls in homes and other buildings, you might not know about the significant advantages they offer. Let’s take a look:

  • Flexible Solutions – With a ductless mini split installation, you can deliver air into separate zones, making them an ideal and versatile option to replace inefficient window units or enhance temperature control in specific areas. Since they only require access to electricity and are relatively simple to mount (when compared to installing traditional AC systems), ductless systems can be perfect for condos and apartments, as well as new construction and additions.
  • Improved Air Quality – Many people don’t realize that the quality of the air inside their home can actually be lower than the outdoor air. A ductless system features multi-stage filtration that can substantially remove dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens from the air.
  • Easy to Install – Installing a traditional AC system can take weeks and often disrupts daily activities in and around your household. Ductless systems, on the other hand, are far easier to install, and depending on the number of units, our ductless mini split services can complete your project in as little as a single day.
  • Significant Savings – Ductless systems typically operate on less power than central air systems, which means a lower energy bill every month. And since there is little-to-no loss of efficiency, ductless AC can provide significant overall cost savings for homeowners.
  • Decreased Carbon Footprint – Because of its greater energy efficiency when compared to a traditional AC system, a ductless cooling and heating system can help you reduce your total carbon output.

What Is the Cost of a Ductless Cooling and Heating System?

This all depends on a number of factors: the size of the system, the number of units to be installed, and the brand and type of indoor mount will all factor into the price. That means these systems can cost anything from a couple thousand dollars or more. Contact a member of the W.F. Smith team of mini split installers today to discuss which options are best for you and your home.

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From installations to ductless air conditioner (a.k.a.mini  split AC) repair and everything in between, our highly skilled and industry-trained technicians can help to address just about any issues you might have with your system. For instance, many people have seen the original high wall ductless air handlers but did not know that there are several options available that are more discrete. Check out our Mitsubishi Ductless page for more information.

Since 1946, we’ve been proud to offer our ductless mini split services in and around the Philadelphia, PA region. For more information about ductless air conditioner systems, or to schedule a consultation with a member of our staff, contact us today.

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Since opening our doors in 1946, we have built our business on our quality workmanship and fair prices. We believe that this is why our business continues to grow. Whether you are in need of ductless AC repairs, maintenance, or a new installation, W.F. Smith employees have the right knowledge and skill base to get the job completed.

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