Dual Fuel Heating Systems

Are you looking for a more efficient way to heat your Philadelphia home in the winter? Our experts at W.F. Smith suggest that you explore your heating options with us. We can help you decide if something different, like a dual fuel heating system, is right for your home.

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About Dual Fuel Heating Systems

For most homeowners in the Philadelphia area, auxiliary heat has been the standard when it comes to backing up a heat pump. Electric furnaces kick in when your heat pump falls short. Unfortunately, in many cases, electric home heat can be less efficient than your heat pump. As the temperature drops, your energy bills may climb higher than you’re used to.

Heat pumps do serve you well in terms of your energy costs and their overall efficiency in warming and cooling your home. However, when the temperatures outside drop below freezing, it’s difficult for your heat pump to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. That’s why many residents in the northeastern part of the country, including Philadelphia, rely on a secondary source of heat. This method of using two systems, a furnace and heat pump combination, is commonly referred to as a dual fuel heating system.

Benefits of Dual Fuel Heating Systems for Philly Homeowners

More and more homeowners in Philadelphia and its suburbs find themselves investigating the benefits of dual fuel heating systems. The dual fuel heating system combines an electric heat pump and gas furnace in one unit, and the two heat sources work together to keep your family warm and cozy all winter long. When the temperature falls below what the heat pump can handle, the furnace kicks in to take over.

The cohesive dual fuel heating systems maintain the temperature in your home at a comfortable level. There’s no lag time. When your heat pump’s performance begins to wane, your gas system kicks in. Dual fuel heating systems assure efficiency is maintained by preventing fluctuations in indoor temperature.

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The Evolution of Home Heating Systems

Home comfort systems have come a long way. Today’s home comfort systems are much more technology-dependent than those of just a few decades ago. The technicians at W.F. Smith are certified in all the latest in-home comfort, and they can keep your heating and cooling system running dependably and efficiently.

W.F. Smith has a team of experts in the dual fuel heating system to suit all your heating and cooling needs. We are ready to answer any questions concerning a dual fuel heating system for your home. For 70 years, residents in and around the Delaware Valley have turned to W. F. Smith time and again for installation and service of their home heating and cooling.

Return on Investment from Dual Fuel Heating Systems

The cost of dual fuel heating systems seems like a sizable investment, especially when compared to other systems on the market. However, your energy-efficient, environmentally friendly dual fuel heating system will pay for itself in a short time. In fact, your savings will show on your next power bill.

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