AC Refrigerant Recharging

In The Greater Philly Metro Area

Your home cooling system operates through a series of components, all dependent upon each other for optimum cooling and efficiency.  If any of your AC components fail,  your home won’t be as cool as it should, your power bill goes up, and, possibly, your AC system stops working completely.

One of those essential components of your home cooling system is the refrigerant that cools the air to a comfortable 78 degrees inside your Philadelphia home, while the temperature outside hovers around 90 steamy degrees.  This refrigerant, or gas, takes the warm, humid air, and dries and cools it, before cycling it back through your house.  If it weren’t for freon, you’d just be blowing around a lot of hot air.

Low Refrigerant–Indicative of a Larger Problem

In a perfect world, you shouldn’t need to replace the refrigerant, in your home cooling system.  The coils in your AC unit cycle the refrigerant back and forth, meaning it never gets used up.  However, over time, your coils can develop small fissures and pinholes, which can allow refrigerant to escape.  You’ll notice your home isn’t cooling off as it should, along with other tell-tale signs you need AC refrigerant recharging in Philadelphia.

Simply recharging your air conditioner’s coolant is a fruitless venture long term as it will simply leak out again, leading to frequent expenses that can quickly exceed the cost of simply having the air conditioning system repaired.

When you need AC refrigerant recharging in Philadelphia, count on W.F. Smith, Inc. Heating & Air Conditioning.  Homeowners and businesses alike in Philly, Bucks, and Montgomery County, have turned to W. F. Smith, Inc. for 70 years.  Backed by quality parts and equipment, and armed with a dedication to customer service that’s been rock-solid for more than seven decades, W. F. Smith is the number one name for all of your HVAC needs.

W.F. Smith HVAC testimonial

Great service, very happy. This is our second Lennox unit from them.

Signs You Need Refrigerant

  • Ice on Outside Unit – It’s mind-boggling.  The scorching summer sun is beating down on your outside AC unit, yet a clump of ice has formed.  How does this happen?  When you need AC refrigerant recharging in Philadelphia, there is a drop in the pressure inside your exterior coil.  As the outside heat and humidity hit the freezing coil, ice begins to form, and accumulate rapidly.  More than likely, you have a leak in that coil.
  • Increase in Electric Bills – A sudden spike in your monthly power bill is a sure sign something is working overtime.  When your AC is low on refrigerant, your system must work that much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.  An overworked system can increase electrical usage, and cause undue wear and tear, shortening the life of your unit.
  • Noticeable Lack of Comfort – Failure to keep your house cool is a definite sign something is wrong with your AC.  If all the other components are working, and there’s no obvious sign of mechanical issues-such as noisy operation or cycling on and off, you probably have a refrigerant leak and need to schedule an inspection immediately.

Schedule AC Repair in Philadelphia Today

A cool and comfortable home is essential to productive days and restful nights..  When you need AC refrigerant recharging in Philadelphia, on’t lose any sleep over it.  Contact W. F. Smith, Inc., Heating & Air Conditioning immediately for AC recharging, and any HVAC issues that arise.