Indoor Air Quality Services in Philadelphia, PA

Air filtration system being installed in a home in Philadelphia, PA to enhance indoor air quality

You might not give it much thought, but the air that you breathe in your home every day can have a significant impact on your health. In fact, the air inside might even be more polluted than the air outside, making indoor air quality services important to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable.

At W.F. Smith, we offer more than just heating and air conditioning repair to the Philadelphia area. We are able to help with professional indoor air quality services. We will assess your needs and recommend the best whole home air filtration system and humidity control systems for your home. Your health and well-being heavily rely on the quality of the air you breathe in your living space.

Common Indoor Air Quality Products

You can improve the indoor air quality in your home in three ways:

  • Source control
  • Dilution
  • Filtration

These three methods can be used in combination to create a healthier environment. Here are some of the products that can improve the air in your home:

Whole House Air Filtration Systems

Various systems are available to filter your air, including the most common, which are pleated air filters. You can also purchase electronic air cleaners, UV lights, and more. These help trap or eliminate airborne contaminants such as dust, mold, and pollen. Our indoor air quality services in Philadelphia, PA, will ensure you get clean air for your home.

Whole-House Humidifiers

If you find your home feels very dry, especially in the winter, then a humidifier can help by adding moisture into the air. A whole-house humidifier will disperse moist air through your home’s existing ventilation system.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

If your home regularly feels swampy or muggy, a dehumidifier can help make the air more comfortable. Reducing the humidity can not only make your home more comfortable, but it can reduce the growth of mold and mildew.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

If you use natural gas in your home for cooking, heating, or hot water, then having a carbon monoxide monitor is essential. This simple, inexpensive device can detect the odorless, deadly gas, potentially saving lives.

FAQs About Indoor Air Quality

What are the causes of air pollution?

Air pollution comes from many sources, including mold, pollen, household cleaners and products, pesticides, and tobacco smoke. These pollutants can have both short-term effects (such as irritation of the nose or throat) and long-term effects (such as chronic respiratory illnesses).

How do you test air quality in the home?

There are several ways to check your home’s air quality. Sometimes a visual inspection will uncover mold or other contaminants. You can also purchase an air quality monitor to use at home. Lastly, a professional specializing in indoor air quality services will be able to check and make recommendations on how to improve it.

How do you remove dust from the air?

To remove dust from your air, keeping your home clean is a good first step — dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping regularly will minimize the dust that settles on surfaces. An air purifier will also help to remove airborne allergens. Hiring professionals in IAQ services will help you maintain a dust-free environment for healthy living.

How can you improve indoor air quality?

There are several things that you can do to help improve the quality of air in your home.

  • Regularly change air filters
  • Change your AC filter
  • Keep humidity at a comfortable level
  • Turn on vents in the kitchen while you’re cooking
  • Keep rugs and upholstery clean
  • Add indoor plants to your home decor

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Since 1946, W.F. Smith has provided indoor air quality services in Philadelphia, PA, with routine and emergency HVAC services. To find out how we can help you improve the air quality in your home, contact us to schedule an appointment today. 

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