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You depend on your HVAC system to keep your home warm during the winters and cool during the summers. If your AC isn’t cooling enough, or if your heater isn’t warming enough, you don’t have to suffer in the cold (or hot!). For whatever HVAC issues you might encounter, you can schedule a professional HVAC repair in Philadelphia, PA and the Greater Philly metro area as quickly as possible.

The HVAC experts at W.F. Smith have provided fast and reliable Philadelphia HVAC repairs for more than 75 years.

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HVAC Repair & 24-Hour Emergency HVAC Service in Bucks County & Montgomery County, PA

Although our facility and offices are located in Philadelphia, we provide comprehensive HVAC repairs in Bucks County and Montgomery County and frequently visit our customers’ homes in Horsham, Langhorne, and Newtown, and Willow Grove.

We provide 24-hour emergency HVAC repairs in Philadelphia and beyond, so no matter what time of day your heating and cooling system breaks, give us a call. We’re here for yo

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Signs You Need HVAC Repair in Philadelphia

If your air conditioner or heating system is behaving strangely but is still functioning as it should, you should still have it repaired. Even small repairs can help prevent more serious issues from developing.

The last thing you want is for your air conditioner or heating system to break down completely when you need it most, after all. So be sure to keep your eye out for the following signs that your HVAC system needs repairs:

– Your HVAC unit won’t turn on: If your air conditioner or furnace won’t turn on at all, then obviously there’s a problem. The problem could be a result of a faulty thermostat, an electrical problem or a broken component.
– Your HVAC units are working but not producing heat or cold air: If you can hear your air conditioner or furnace running but they’re not cooling or heating your home to your desired settings, or it’s not producing any heat or cool air at all, then there’s most likely a serious problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.
 The airflow is poor: If some rooms are being cooled or heated properly but others are not, it means that there’s something wrong with the airflow of your HVAC unit. There could be an issue with your compressor or there may be an issue with the ductwork.
– Your A/C unit has issues with moisture: Your A/C unit should not be leaking anything, which means that if you spot any liquid near your unit, there’s most likely a problem. It could be a refrigerant leak, which will reduce the effectiveness of your A/C unit and which can pose a safety hazard, or it could be the result of a blocked or broken drain tube, which is supposed to dispose of the air conditioner’s condensation.
– Your HVAC system is making strange sounds: Your HVAC units should not be making loud sounds. Loud sounds are often a sign that one or more of your unit’s components have broken or are about to break. If you hear squealing sounds, it most likely means that the belt has slipped out of place or that the components in your unit are in need of lubrication.

These are some of the common signs that you are in need of HVAC repair. It is important that you have your HVAC system inspected on a regular basis. Not only will this ensure that your HVAC units operate efficiently and effectively, but it will help prevent the need for repairs.

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Why Choose W.F. Smith for HVAC Repair in the Greater Philadelphia Area?

There’s a reason why homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia area have relied on the heating and cooling specialists at W.F. Smith for their HVAC repair needs.

– We are kind and courteous: From an initial phone call through the final step of your Philadelphia HVAC repair, we pride ourselves on being the area’s nicest team of HVAC technicians.
– We are licensed and insured: Don’t worry about the reprecussions if one of our techs gets hurt on the job. Our company is licensed, insured, and industry trained to handle any HVAC repair in Philadelphia or its surrounding communities.
– We fix any make and model HVAC system: We’re experienced in providing HVAC repairs for any make and model HVAC system, including furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps. We can provide comprehensive HVAC repairs with factory certified replacement parts for Carrier, Bryant, Lennox, Trane, Goodman, York, and more!

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