Why is my AC Blowing Hot Air?

It’s a huge frustration for homeowners in the Philadelphia area;  the mercury is climbing and the air outside your home seems to be steaming.  You walk into your house, and notice there isn’t much of a difference.  Your AC engages, and, reaching your hand out to feel the air coming from your vents, you find warm air blowing throughout your home.  You check to make sure the thermostat is set to “AC” instead of “heat”, and “auto” instead of “on”.  It is.  So, you wonder “why is my AC blowing hot air? “

There may be some easy and doable solutions to your question, so no need to panic.  Take a moment and run through the following checklist, before you contact the professionals at W.F. Smith, Inc Heating & Air Conditioning:

Have you changed your AC filter recently?

If not, this could be the reason for your hot air problem.  In decades past, it was common to change out your filter every six months, or, seasonally.  With todays ultra-filtration filters, experts recommend swapping the old filter for new every 8-12 weeks.

The reason for more frequent replacement is that today’s filter technology’s creates a better barrier against dust, debris and common household allergens, allowing the filter to become blocked much more easily.  A blocked filter restricts air flow and can cause your condenser to freeze up, preventing efficient cooling.

Is the Area Around Your Condenser Debris-Free?

The exterior unit of your home cooling system houses the condenser and condenser-coils.  Dirt, leaves, overgrown grass and weeds can all impede your AC’s efficiency. The obvious solution is to keep the area around your AC unit clean.  Don’t place plants or shrubs around your AC unit, or surround it with decorative fencing, in an attempt to make the area more “aesthetic”.

Instead, contact the experts at W. F. Smith and enquire about a maintenance program so that your coils, and condenser unit are inspected annually.  With regular inspections, you’ll have clean coils, avoid expensive repairs, and have peace of mind that your AC will be keeping you cool all season long.

Additional Causes For Ineffective Air Conditioning Operation

If neither your filter, nor your outside condenser, are the obvious problem, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to diagnose your problem and provide a solution.  W. F. Smith, Inc, is your go-to HVAC installation, service and repair professional in the greater Philadelphia area.

There could be a deeper reason for your inefficient AC.  You may have mechanical problems, or your condenser may need to be replaced.  Parts wear out over time, and you may not realize if something is broken.

Schedule AC Repair in Philadelphia

W. F. Smith technicians can check for leaks in your coils, recharge your coolant, examine components of your home cooling system for wear and tear, replace broken parts, or  take care of any other AC repairs as needed.

Contact us today to schedule AC Repair in Philadelphia or the surrounding metro area.

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