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Although your heat pump operates off the same thermostat as a traditional furnace system, the heat pump warms your home in an entirely different, and highly efficient way. Your exterior heat pump draws heat from the outside air, then circulates it throughout your home. There are fewer parts and components to deal with when you have a heat pump as your comfort system, but predicting an impending failure is a little more difficult.

Many homeowners in Yardley, Pennsylvania have heat pumps to supplement their forced air system. Supplemental heat pumps serve to lower utility costs, and are a much more environmentally-friendly option. Due to the often-frigid temperatures in our area, a back up form of home heat is usually part of the heat pump system.

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Warning Signs You Need Repairs

When something goes wrong with your heat pump, you need a name you can trust. W. F. Smith, Inc is one of the most trusted names in HVAC service and repair, and has been since 1946. Our technicians are knowledgeable, and set the bar high when it comes to heat pump repair in Yardley, PA.

  • Won’t Switch Modes – It’s not uncommon for heat pumps to become stuck in one mode-heat or cool-or between modes. This indicates a reversal valve problem and you need to contact W. F. Smith for repairs to warm your home efficiently once again.
  • Reduced Heat – If the air coming out of your ducts is cool,even when set to heat, this could indicate a problem with your thermostat or it could mean you have compressor issues. Don’t delay service, in any case.
  • Reduced Airflow – When  airflow is reduced, not only can it be indicative of clogged or faulty ductwork, but low airflow taxes your system as it tries to maintain the right temperature. Make sure you change your filter every 4-6 weeks to prevent clogs. Anytime your airflow is compromised, you need service ASAP, or your repairs could become costly.
  • Icing – Even when the outside temperatures are freezing, you should never have ice on your heat pump. Ice means you have a refrigerant leak and you need service immediately.
  • Loud Operation – Although known for being quiet, some noise is normal when your heat pump is operating. if the sound is unusual-grating, grinding, clicking or squealing, you may have a component in need of repairs. Never attempt the repair yourself. Contact W. F. Smith immediately.

In order to stay ahead of your need for heat pump repairs in Yardley, PA, seasonal maintenance is recommended. This allows the technician to spot the potential for problems before they occur. You can save money, time and the headache of a heat pump failure when you schedule routine maintenance.

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For heat pump repairs in Yardley, PA, and all your HVAC concerns, trust W. F. Smith. For more than 75 years, our name has continued to be synonymous with quality repairs and service. If you suspect your heat pump is in need of attention, don’t hesitate.

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