Air Conditioner Maintenance

In the Greater Philly Metro Area

Your air conditioner is key when it comes to keeping your home comfortable through the warmer months. It can also be an important piece of keeping those living in your home healthy. Maintaining your air conditioner will make sure that your cooling system is running efficiently and effectively.

If you need air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia, contact the HVAC specialists at W.F. Smith. We will send one of our experts out to your home to make sure your system is running smoothly.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Philadelphia

Maintaining your air conditioner is important for many reasons. Leaving your air conditioner to power through, year to year, without any help could be doing more damage to your system than you think. Here are some great reasons for air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia.

  • Extend the Life Span – Just like your car, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to work at its full capacity. When you leave your air conditioner to just take care of itself, the air conditioner has to push and work harder, reducing its life span.
  • Safety – Having your system regularly checked by a professional makes sure that everything is working as it should. If there are any safety issues, they can be picked up on and fixed quickly.
  • Air Quality – Changing out filters and keeping your system clean can increase your system’s air quality. Your air conditioner is an important part of keeping the air in your home clean by reducing the allergens and dander that enter your home. When your system is maintained and cleaned, your air will be cleaner.
  • Efficiency – The efficiency of your system can be greatly reduced when your system is not maintained regularly. By not having your system cleaned and maintained, you are forcing it to use more electricity to keep your home comfortable.

If you would like to know more about how air conditioner maintenance in Philadelphia can help keep your home comfortable, contact us today.

How Do I Protect My Air Conditioner in the Winter?

There are a few steps you can take to protect and maintain your AC through the off-season:

  • Clear the outside unit of any dried leaves or debris
  • Clear any accumulating snow or ice
  • Cover the air conditioner with a breathable material
  • Place wood over the unit and weigh it down with bricks to protect it from the elements
  • Schedule regular maintenance before and after cooling season

W.F. Smith Air Conditioner Maintenance

From cleaning out your filters to replacing worn parts, W.F. Smith will give your system a complete check. We will make sure your system is running efficiently and safely. Our AC maintenance service includes a post-inspection report, identifying any areas of concern―if any exist―and recommended upgrades. Our technicians take a no-pressure, educational approach to air conditioner maintenance, so you will never feel pressured to make repairs. Our goal is simply to inform you of the status and condition of your air conditioning system so we can help keep your air conditioner running smoothly all summer long.

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W.F. Smith was great. They worked very professionally and neatly. They were extremely knowledgeable about the equipment and all specific HVAC practices. Would recommend them to the world!

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