The life expectancy of a heating and air conditioning system varies depending on type, manufacturer and usage.  As a general rule, if you have a unit that is older than 15 years, you should start looking at replacement options.  Sure, there are units that we see on occasion that last 40 or more years – but they are (a) the exception and (b) typically inefficient when compared to today’s equipment. Our experts can help you select the perfect system for your home, usage and budget.

At W.F. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe in working with high quality manufacturers to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. High quality doesn’t have to mean high price as most manufactures offer three product tiers so they can offer a solution for every customer – whether you want a budget conscious furnace or a top-of-the-line system with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. Here is a list of the most common types of equipment we install and service:

W.F. Smith HVAC testimonial

Overall a very pleasant experience, from sales to the actual installation. All the people we came into contact with were pleasant and seemed to really be interested in doing a good job.

The most important part of any piece of equipment is proper installation, which is why we make sure our installers are equipped with all of the right materials, tools, and training to do the job right. For systems with ductwork, we fabricate all new metal required for the job in our shop to ensure a proper fit and quality finished appearance.