Are Heat Pumps an Environmentally Friendly Choice?

Heat pumps are more popular than ever as more and more homeowners choose these efficient systems to heat and cool their homes. Heat pumps’ energy efficiency can be seen by simply looking at your energy bills after installation — but what about your carbon footprint?

If you’re wondering, “are heat pumps environmentally friendly?” you’re in the right place! While reducing your carbon footprint is about more than just your choice of HVAC unit, heat pump systems can be environmentally beneficial in various ways. Here are a few ways one of these brand-new cooling and heating systems can help you live “greener” every day.

No Fossil Fuels Required

Traditional HVAC systems contribute significantly to the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere since many of them are operated by burning fuel. And whether that fuel is natural gas, heating oil, or propane, all of those carbon emissions aren’t good for Mother Earth. Heat pumps are much more eco-friendly since they use electricity to move heat from the outside to the inside. And even though electricity isn’t always the “cleanest” energy source, there’s another reason heat pumps are good for the environment, which is:

Minimal Electricity Usage

Air conditioners can be energy hogs, costing you hundreds per month on your utility bills. But thanks to the incredible efficiency of modern heat pumps, especially “cold weather” models that use variable capacity technology, they use much less electricity than standard window units or basic central AC systems. Even less energy is wasted if you invest in a ductless system since there are no duct losses or negative impact from ductwork running in unconditioned spaces like attics, crawl spaces, and basements. 

More Control, More Cost Savings

People with modern heat pumps, especially ductless or hybrid systems that include ducted and ductless air handlers, are often surprised by how much more control they have over their heating and cooling. Not only does having more control make your home more comfortable, but it also saves you money by focusing the conditioned air where you actually need it. Several types of heat pump systems can be integrated with smart home technology, so you can save even more time and money while also helping the planet. That’s a win on every level! 

Effective Comfort

A new heat pump system that really works will mean that you won’t have to crank up the AC as high as you’re used to or dial up the heating in the dead of winter. Heat pumps effectively and easily move heat or air conditioning throughout your home as necessary, so you don’t need to worry about an uncomfortable house. This means you use less energy to heat or cool your space, which is always better for the environment.

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