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W.F. Smith is a family owned and operated heating and air conditioning contractor with expertise in both the residential and light commercial markets. Our five owners have over 140 years of combined industry experience and our core group of technicians and installers average over 20 years of experience. Whether you need a trusted contractor to help you with an air conditioning repair, service or maintenance on an existing system, or designing and installing an entirely new system, W.F. Smith has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Our professional and courteous team will treat you like part of the family.
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Understanding How AFUE Affects Heating Costs

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Before you install a new furnace in your Bucks County, PA, home, make sure you select a unit with a high AFUE rating. Not sure what AFUE ratings are, or how to find out the AFUE rating for your particular …

10 HVAC Maintenance Tips

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If you’ve been burned by high energy bills or emergency air conditioning repairs in the past, you know the importance of being proactive about maintenance. In addition to your annual AC tune-up, there are steps any homeowner can take to …

How to Keep Your Heat Pump from Freezing

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Heat pumps are often convenient for homeowners since they are both heating systems during the winter and air conditioners during the summer. However, because heat pumps exist as outdoor units, they can freeze during the winter. Not only can this …

Why Does My Heating System Click?

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Generally speaking, your furnace shouldn’t make a lot of noise when it’s running. A gentle hum is normal, but any other loud sounds that you don’t ordinarily hear could indicate that something is wrong. One sound that you might hear …

How Long Will My Heating System Last?

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In order to make it through the winter every year, you’ll want to make sure that you have a heating system that you can depend on. The last thing you’ll want is for your heating system to break down on …