Why Does Furnace Size Matter?

Before investing in a new furnace, you should take the time to find the right unit for your home and heating needs. Furnaces come in many different sizes, giving homeowners a range of options to choose from. Because furnace size affects performance, it is essential to understand the factors to consider to get the right furnace size. Choosing an appropriately sized furnace will ensure the unit runs efficiently, delivers comfort, and serves you for as long as possible.

When the Furnace Is Undersized

A furnace that is too small will not keep you comfortable when the cold season sets in. The heating unit will struggle to keep your entire house warm — a factor that will result in uneven temperatures and cold spots. The system will also work much harder to meet your heating needs, leading to higher energy bills and causing it to wear out faster. An undersized furnace will cost you money in terms of utility costs and frequent repairs to the unit in the long run.

When the Furnace Is Oversized

On the other hand, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Contrary to what many people believe, an oversized unit will make your space uncomfortable and lead to operational issues. In essence, the furnace will heat up space too quickly and shut off before the heating cycle is completed. Frequently turning on and off, also known as short cycling, results in uneven heat distribution, increases your utility bill, puts a strain on the system, and ultimately shortens its lifespan.

Properly Sized Furnaces

It goes without saying that the right-sized furnace will deliver both comfort and energy efficiency. By operating efficiently, the unit will help you lower your utility bills significantly without compromising comfort. You will also save yourself from frequent and expensive repair jobs. Choosing the right furnace for your home will mean less pressure within the system, promoting quiet operation. Lastly, the system will heat up your home and affect the moisture level, effectively improving indoor air quality.

Choosing the Right Size Furnace for Your Space

Buying a new furnace is a considerable investment. To select the proper furnace size to meet your heating needs, you need to perform a heat loss calculation on your home.  This calculation, which is aided by computer software, factors in the size and layout of your home as well as things like climate, insulation levels, window quality, and infiltration levels. The calculation results in a recommended amount of heating in British Thermal Units (BTUs) which you would compare to the output rating of the furnace model you’ve selected.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to furnaces. To be sure you are making the right decision, you should partner with professionals. At W.F. Smith, we offer various HVAC services, including furnace installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement. Contact us today for expert advice on the right furnace size for your home.

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